Y’all already know how I feel about therapy. I recommend it to everyone who will listen. It’s a great tool that will definitely help you realign and re-center your life and yourself. Previous posts here and here.

So, when I saw this playset I was so outdone. I mean, you know how they have the cooking playset, the doctor playset, teacher playset, etc. Never have I ever seen a therapist playset where children can talk about their hard times and feelings… until now.

20191112_162747.jpgI said all this to say that this is amazing! Not only does it give children the ability to talk about what’s bothering them instead of internalizing it, but it helps them to hopefully involve an adult sooner than later.

Talking about their emotions and learning what their emotions are about is so important. Talking about what’s bothering them and not letting it fester is important. Therapy helps you to talk about things and see a different perspective.

Build a bond and trust that is continuous. Yes, you have to face your own demons (talk about your traumas) at some point, but on the other side of that is healing, freedom, and joy.

Let’s not forget that teaching, learning, and practice begins at home. Remember this post? The more children learn to talk about things, the less they will grow up handle things with violence.

I’m sure this product is on Amazon and possibly other places where toys are sold, but I’m just saying that I’m just happy to see this to take away some of the stigmas and negative connotations that surround therapy b/c it truly is awesome!

Give it a try. It will bless your life!