We know that Lyft and Uber are popular for various different reasons. They provide rides when people are out of town, they provide rides when people are don’t want to take public transportation, they provide rides to and from the airport, etc. 

What’s not okay is when they become dangerous. So, dangerous in fact, that women are being told to check the child safety locks before getting in the car. 


Why is this necessary? At first, it was the lady that got in the wrong car and was then killed a few years ago. Now, we have to ensure the child safety lock isn’t on when we hop in a rideshare car? Apparently, this was a big thing over the summer. Article here.

This article, here, is why I wrote this post. A 19-year-old woman walking down the street. A man sees her and tries to “holla” meaning that he wanted her attention. When she rejected him, he did the unthinkable…

He strangled her, raped her, and left her in the backseat of her car. Her sisters and the police found her the next morning. 


The chart below is the difference between how women have to deal with safety vs how men have to deal with safety. Obviously, women have to be extra cautious b/c we are women. No, I’m not going to do that here. We tell truths here! 

Women have to be extra cautious b/c most people spend time policing women rather than telling men that rejection happens and is a part of life, that the “boys will be boys” cliché is bullshit, and the coddling behavior from their mothers are doing more harm than good, but I’m gonna digress. 


Anyway, the point here is that women have to do ALL this to remain safe, and sometimes, this still doesn’t work b/c of these misguided men and their fragile, child-like ass egos, and behavior. They think they can do what they want and get away with it, but that’s not the case. It’s not true! You will get caught… eventually! 

Ladies, as a reminder, it’s not your fault. Being attacked, hurt, harmed, violated, or hit isn’t your fault. No, the way you were dressed didn’t cause this to happen. No, the way you carried yourself didn’t cause it either. It’s not your fault! 

Stay safe. Stay vigilant. ❤