Ladies and Gentlemen, please understand this… 


Everyone cannot take care of your kids. Please take the time to look for people you KNOW and TRUST to care for your children in your absence. I mean, you can’t be there 24/7, but you can do your due diligence, right?

The trauma, the psychological damage, the physical damage, the emotional damage… the children that endure this type of abuse, obviously don’t deserve this and don’t know why it’s happening to them. 

These are wounds that will stay with your children for a long time and overshadow many decisions and things they do. They lose trust in people, may use drugs or alcohol to numb their feelings, act out in many other ways, develop depression or anxiety, etc. 


While therapy can help your children move through this trauma, keeping open communication with your children, so they won’t be afraid to talk to you if something does happen is important as well. 

Please… take anything your child says as true. Talk to them. Listen to them. Get more information. Watch how your child acts around certain people. Watch how children act when told they will be staying with certain people. Listen to how people talk about your children as well. Clues and hints are all around us, pay attention.

Report anything suspicious to the police as soon as possible, let them investigate. There are too many stories in the news that end in tragically b/c the parents didn’t believe the child. 

Please stop leaving your children with boyfriends and girlfriends!! 

I just read a story about a woman that killed an 8-year old girl by kicking her in the stomach and tearing her intestines apart. The woman was her dad’s girlfriend. They had been abusing the child regularly, like she was in the military. I don’t even want to link the story b/c it was that bad.

Point is, there are too many stories like this and they usually end up with the child dying at the hands of someone that the parent knew didn’t need to be around the child. So, please parents… just take the time to find qualified people to watch your children. ❤