I’ve never adopted a pet before, but I know it can be a huge adjustment period for the family and the pet. While I love, Love, LOVE dogs and wish cats could be banished to their own island (LBVS), adopted pets still need time to adjust to their new surroundings.

The home where the pet was before and the trauma the pet has been through prior to finding your home, post here, is apart of the pet’s history. Trust and love aren’t freely given now. They are afraid, cautious, and fearful. Take that into consideration. 


I’m passing this information along b/c I didn’t know and wanted to share in case others didn’t know. Sure, I’ve had pets before and I hope to have another fur baby in the future and was thinking about adopting a pet when that time comes.


Let’s all be a little more patient with our adopted fur babies b/c they have to get used to you just like you have to get used to them. Please don’t go out there, adopt them, and think things will just fall into place instantly. It really doesn’t work that way. 

My point is to have some patience and let them settle in, in their own way. The love they give in return for a little of your patience will be very rewarding! ❤