No, I’m not talking about showing off your arms in a shirt. Ha, ha!! I’m talking about guns. The right to protect yourself. Remember this post, click here, where I talked about the safety of women? Well, this post falls in line with that. 


How do you feel about protecting yourself with a gun? Have you ever shot a gun before? Who taught you? See, I used to have a concealed weapons permit, but I let it expire. I went through the class, shot many guns, etc. Never bought a gun during that time tho. 

Why? I guess I didn’t need one and that was back in 2005-2010. However, nowadays, with people getting crazier, times changing, and the unknown growing bigger and scarier… it just seems like something that I should reacquaint myself with to stay ready. Article here.



I was just at the firing range with my younger sister back in September. I didn’t know that she had a gun, a .380, that a family member bought her. I went with her to the gun range and seeing her with that gun for the first time, I started to pray. 


My nerves were shot b/c I knew it was her first time firing one and she didn’t know what she was doing. I taught her how to hold it, how to load it, emptying the chamber, etc. Thank God she was shooting blanks, but whew chillay!!!

The Lord had to calm my nerves to even instruct her. Point is, she wanted to protect herself and her family and she has that right. I had to respect her right to do that and the fact that she’s not my “little” sister anymore, but she’s a grown woman, a mother of 4.


Women are getting more into guns b/c they want to be able to protect themselves, as men become more and more disrespectful just for saying no to their advances. Women are getting into guns b/c some of them are the heads of their families, therefore they have to be the protector of the household.

What worries me about having a conceal to carry permit is that law enforcement seems not to care. Remember #PhilandoCastile?


With the political climate the way it is and law enforcement killing and harassing people of color for damn near nothing, it doesn’t make me feel confident with or without a gun to even have it. Thank God that I haven’t needed one. 

At this point, getting a gun would solely be for protection, but isn’t that how it always starts out? Next thing you know, something happened and the gun was used b/c it was there. Someone got shot and is in the hospital, clinging to life. Yet, if there was no gun, it could have been handled differently. 

People always say, “Once you know you have it, you’re going to use it” or “You can hurt yourself with it.” To those people, I say, you have to just be responsible. Yet, it’s rarely ever that simple. So, maybe I don’t really NEED a gun. Perhaps, I just want one.

The question is, why? Dun, dun, dunnnnn…

What’s your take on guns? Would you get one? Do you have one? Comment below.