I will continue to say this until I am blue in the face… we have to watch the way in which we talk to and address our children. The disrespect they get from us, they take into the world and give to police, teachers, and other authority figures.

In addition, they internalize it and give it to themselves. Negative self-talk and negative thoughts, doubts, etc are REAL!! It’s really imperative that we change the narrative, so that they have a fighting chance.


Speaking love, life, empowerment, encouragement, inspiration, greatness, and self-worth into your children means something. It means that they internalize it. It means that they will begin to process and believe it, then become it… and when you least expect it, they will speak it back to you when you need it. 


Even the Bible says that life and death lie in the power of the tongue. When you speak so much life and self-love into your children, it becomes apart of them. When they go out into this cold, cruel world… will it not take them under. 

Yes, they will still be children and be hurt, upset, confused, and frustrated with things or problems they encounter. However, getting them back on track and giving them reassurance will be a lot easier, than if you never spoke life into them at all. 

Give them a fighting chance. Speak love into them and watch them blossom. ❤