Being a woman isn’t easy by any means. I’ve written about it before here. We go through so much and still get taken for granted in a lot of cases, which can’t be easy. We make less than men, we have kids and return to work, we BLEED monthly and cramp, yet we must solider on. I wrote about that too, here. I get young ladies feel when they realize just what becoming a woman really means. 


I’m more than 20 years in and I still get mad when I think about the duration! The worst is when the visit to ruins vacation plans, weekends, or hell, anything else remotely close to having fun or your favorite pair of WHITE PANTS! It feels like your uterus is doing this:


A while back, I was talking with some women. One woman commented that a teenage boy, Jake, was going to play a trick on a girl in school during peak crowded hallway times and tell the girl that something was on the back of her pants.

The woman told him it would be cruel b/c EVERY girl in that hallway would check her pants/skirt/dress/leggings just to be sure it wasn’t her. We laughed, but she’s right. Teenage boys are terrible.


So, what have we learned here today? Sometimes, you’ll be happy to see her flow and other times you’ll want to kick a cat into oncoming traffic. Either way, you can’t stop her visits unless you age out or are pregnant. 

I think that depending on the time in your life, the respite will be well earned. ❤