…to bring you a special news report. Of course, you were all expecting a book review of The Perfect Child by Lucinda Berry, however, there’s been a change in the plans.


I’ve had to put that book down, temporarily… and pick up The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van der Kolk, MD.

You’re probably wondering, “Who would have requested her to do such a thing?! Don’t they know we’re used to having book reviews on the last Thursday of every month, faithfully?” 

Well… my THERAPIST. My therapist told me to start reading this book immediately and y’all know how I feel about therapy. For those who may have missed it or are new to the blog, posts are here, here, and here


So, bear with me… Until I can finish The Body Keeps the Score, the book reviews and new books to be read/introduced will be temporarily suspended. Hopefully, I will pick up with The Perfect Child’s Review, possibly by the end of February. 


I thank you for your patience and understanding.