Remember back in school, when you were in government class and you did JUST enough to get by, but didn’t really absorb anything? Oh, just me? Okay. 

Well, here’s a very creative way to get people to learn about how important it is to VOTE! A rapper by the name of YelloPain is teaching people about the legislative, judicial, and executive branches of the government.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I think this is very creative and inspiring. Reaching our youth is very important b/c soon, they will be out here voting and we want them to be as engaged and informed as possible. 

He says that when we voted for Obama in 2008, we were supposed to go back in 2010 and vote for Congress b/c they are the ones that make the real decisions.

He mentions that they want us to focus on the President, so they can let the members of Congress just sit there year after year, making all the decisions and nothing changes. The President only say yes or no. 

So, YelloPain… You are Black Boy Joy! Thank you for sharing your talents to uplift the community instead of tearing it down. ❤