It’s still Black History Month and I know we have to teach our children about where certain things come from and truth be told, black people invented a lot of things! I mean, let’s be honest… we are magical and it’s really sad that throughout history, our magic has been oppressed, taken, beaten down, sold, and enslaved. Yet, it didn’t stop us from moving forward. 

Honestly, I would rather our children learn about black history this way and write reports about who they most admire in black history, than to be asked to be slaves and purchased or taught to pick cotton on a field trip. Y’all know I’ve ranted about these new-age teachers, post here.


I’ve always loved the assignment in school when you have a weekend and can only live with things that black people built or made. It really puts things into perspective when you take away the modern things like cellphones, wifi, internet, streaming, cable, video games, and TV. It’s a whole different life. Then, you talk about your experiences. 

The point I’m making is that black people are magical and we are amazing! Despite any obstacles we’ve faced, we still found a way to keep moving. We have come so far and we accomplished so much. This is what our children need to see and know. Just b/c the world is changing, doesn’t mean we have to be less amazing, innovative, or magical. It means we have to find different ways to showcase what’s already there.

It’s in our DNA! ❤