How long does it take you to trust someone? How long does it take for someone to betray that trust, then get it back? One thing that’s always been hard for me is trusting people and that’s b/c a lot of people have betrayed my trust.

Is that b/c I’ve trusted the wrong people? Possibly. Is it b/c people are trash? Possibly. Is it b/c people make mistakes and any little thing can lead me to walk away? Sure. It can be a combination of all these things and even things that I’m unaware of b/c shit happens and people aren’t perfect.


So, my question to you then becomes of those you do trust… are there levels to it or is it an all or nothing type deal? There are very, very few people that I trust. One of those people is my therapist, Dr. R, b/c she’s shown me all five of these characteristics within professional reason. 

Take a look into your inner circle. Is there anyone that you’ve been side-eyeing lately. Has your gut or intuition been going off about someone that claims to have your best interests at heart, but instead act in a selfish manner? How often do you re-evaluate your inner circle? 


Very recently, I was telling a friend (H) about an incident that happened back in the summer. Due to circumstances beyond our control, I didn’t have the time to tell her before then. So, I’m telling H about the incident. After I went home, a thought came to me and I knew why the time between the incident happening and the time I told H about it had to happen. 

See, sometimes, you get a different view and perspective when you’ve been away from the scene for a while. When I told H, I had been away from the scene for 3 months. I had been refreshed, I had spent time away, and I had healed. I was coming in with fresh eyes and a renewed spirit, which allowed me to see what I couldn’t see before being so close to everything. 

The point is when you can’t see something clearly… fall back like the time does in Autumn. 🕒

That way, you can see a clearer path to your next step and make the best decision for your situation. Remember, the point isn’t to just win. The point is to make the best decision for you and all involved. ❤