Let me preface this by saying education is very important. I mean, I should know… I’m 2 weeks away from completing my master’s degree. Anyway, children go to school to learn a bunch of information and they are tested on that information, which determines a lot of things for that school, that district, and their future.

However, these children aren’t learning the most important things they should know while in school, stuff like: 


While I’m not saying that they shouldn’t be taught Calculus, Shakespeare, or Western Civilization, what will any of that information do for them when they get older? I mean, it’s gotta be frustrating for a kid once they start saying, “When am I going to use this in the real world?” 

I mean, they gotta point. I don’t remember half the stuff I learned in high school and with Google, I don’t have to remember it. The answers at your fingertips in seconds and it really irks me when people won’t even do their own research on things, but I digress.

Now, y’all know I have a real problem with how schools are these days and this is part of the problem. They teach them stuff, but none of it is really useful to them. However, how would school be different if they loosened up on the curriculum and taught them some real-life things they can use and stuff that will prepare them for adulthood? 

Let’s look at stress management for example. If people knew how to manage their stress starting when they were in grade school, there would be calmer teenagers and a lot less violence. Is that the answer to end all the problems in the world? No, but it’s a start!


Giving someone positive coping skills for any issues they face has many benefits. See post here, if you missed it. Another example is money management. Now, that’s something everyone could use b/c we all have or had debt and seek to be debt-free. Teaching teenagers how to handle their money and be responsible is important! It can be applied to their lives daily. 

Want to know how I learned about credit and money management? College. They set up TRAPS on the yard and trick college students, teenagers, into getting a credit card. Next thing you know, you’re racking up debt and taking out money advances, thinking it’s all good until that bill comes in the mail and you have to pay it back. A tough and expensive lesson to learn. I bought my first computer, a Gateway, with a credit card. 🥴😩

Y’all, I can’t stand the sight of a credit card and I don’t own any. This credit card thing happened back in 2000. Yes, I know the credit game is messy when you don’t have running credit open, but I didn’t care. I learned my lesson in college. 🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

In closing, teenagers turn into adults and the more information we arm them with, the more they can make the right choices instead of having to learn things the hard way all the time. Yes, life is an excellent teacher. However, educating our youth is our responsibility and that starts at home, but should be reinforced at school. ❤