Okay, so we are in the age where people are starting their own businesses and garnering their own income in MANY, MANY different ways. With the advent of social media and the Internet, it could not be any easier to spread the word about what you’re doing and find people who really dig your style, stuff, or show some support.

The best part is that it doesn’t even take money to do it. Here are a few ways to help someone get their talents out there to the masses:


Full disclosure, it does take a lot for me to write a review. I am so ashamed of this, but most of the podcasts that I listen to, always ask for reviews and I haven’t taken the time nor had the time to write one when I obviously write all the time.

In my defense, I am finishing up graduate school this month, which will right those wrongs in due time. So, don’t judge me. BUT when I LOVE something or something has really made an impact on me in some way, I will stop what I’m doing and write something!


Usually, I support in other ways like I’ll shout them out or put them on my IG stories or like their stuff on FB, or even buy when I have the funds. It’s really something about writing reviews tho… I mean, if I’m not writing book reviews, then why am I writing them? 🥴🙃 Kidding, but again, I do support in many other ways.

Said all that to say this: If you have friends with businesses, help them out by supporting their talents. Don’t expect a hookup. Fully support them b/c they’re good at what they do, they deserve it, and you want to see them win. ❤ #supporteachother #theresmoneytobemade #everybodycaneat