Little Ariyonna, 4, was getting her hair done while on Live (FB or IG). Suddenly, she looked into the camera and said, very clear and plain, “I’m so ugly.” Her loctician stopped immediately and told Ariyonna that she can’t say that b/c she’s pretty and has dimples and began to speak life, love, and confidence into her.

Ariyonna began to cry, of course, b/c she was overwhelmed and didn’t know how to respond to what the loctician was saying to her. It conflicted with what she said and had been told, so she didn’t know which message to believe. The best part is that the loctician followed up with showing her love as well as speaking love into her. Reinforcing the message of love drives it home. See below:

I wrote a post not too long ago about breathing and speaking life into your children, post here, b/c the world will try to attack their self-esteem, confidence, and self-worth. Especially, our black and brown babies. This is the same world that has children killing themselves at 8 and 9 years old. 


My immediate reaction was, WHAT THE FUCK ARE THE PARENTS SAYING TO THIS BEAUTIFUL LITTLE GIRL? Some toxic, negative, self-defeating bull. WHY? How could you? B/c remember parents are our first teachers and children mimic what they see and hear as well as internalize what they are told.


Then, when I saw the loctician ask about the teacher and talk about how the child had manners, well-spoken, and pretty white teeth… I thought, Okay, it’s not the parents. This happens at school. Ariyonna said the teacher is mean to her, so I wonder if the teacher has told her that she was ugly or is it the children at school? So, what’s being done about the bullying then? SHE IS 4!! 😡😡

In response to this incident that went viral, Matthew A. Cherry, producer of the Oscar award-winning short about natural hair, post here, put a call out to Art/Creative Twitter (his followers) to show Ariyonna just how pretty she is to us. #ArtworkforAriyonna

The response was overwhelmingly positive as shown above. If there’s one thing I love, it’s talented black people! #blackexcellence We showed UP and showed OUT for her! See, there’s power in words. There’s power in speaking life over your children. The Bible tells us that! 

Parents… please tell your children how beautiful they are, how much they mean to you, how smart they are, how important they are, how beautiful their skin is. Teach them to love all of themselves b/c the world and other children will find a weakness an exploit it and it’s happening at age 4.

I’m so glad this loctician was a positive woman and spoke life into Ariyonna. Prayerfully, her parents will pick up where the loctician left off. Our children need us to support them and teach them that the way that they are is fine and good, they are perfect. ❤