Let’s talk about this picture real quick. This picture portrays the weighing of hand sanitizer to sell from a 15 fl.oz. bottle. This can be many things, but I’m going to point out the obvious. It’s entrepreneurial in theory, but wrong and selfish. 

One, this looks like a drug method to divide up some drugs and sell individually. You have the product, the baggies, the measurer… shall I go on? Not that having an entrepreneurial spirit is wrong, but in times of crises, such as now… it’s wrong! Especially when the product is TRASH! 


Yes, the product… is TRASH!! 🗑 That hand sanitizer can be bought at the dollar store, and there’s nothing wrong with shopping there, except it STINKS. How do I know? My job bought a lot of them a few months ago and I refuse to use them b/c they STINK!! I would rather wash my hands in soap and water than use that stinky/nasty hand sanitizer. 

Anyway, the next point is that selling this measured out amount to people while in crisis mode is wrong and selfish. We are in CRISES! There is a global health pandemic and you want to profit off of other people’s pain, worry, and panic? What if you were in their shoes and need to clean your hands with no soap and water nearby? Would you want to pay 50 cents or whatever they charge for the measured amount they’re selling? 


Come on, people! This is a time when we are supposed to look out for one another especially the elderly and children. This is a time when we are supposed to come together and help out the ones who are unable to help themselves b/c everyone ain’t able to go shopping or get necessities to survive for 2 weeks in quarantine.

Like, when did we lose our humanity? When did we become so selfish to fight one another over toilet paper and clear out supplies at stores for ourselves/families and not allow others to get any? Like, who are you right now?


I really want you to examine yourselves and your hearts. Yes, we are all concerned and worried, but we don’t have to be savages. We don’t have to lose our humanity or sense of community. When this is all over, b/c it will pass, will you be able to look at yourself and say you helped out someone when they needed it or asked you? 

If you can, then great! If not, stop and think about if you were in their shoes… wouldn’t you want them to help you or your family? Trust me, I’m taking a look at myself as well. We can all use some improvement b/c nobody is perfect. Just think about what I’ve said here the next time you’re out shopping or you see someone needing help in the midst of this crazy time. It doesn’t hurt to help and it takes no money to lend a helping hand. ❤