I really hate that COVID-19 has inspired a social distancing mandate b/c there are many special occasions that will not happen now. I think about the seniors in high school, college, graduate school, and other schools that worked SUPER HARD to get to graduation and walk that stage, but won’t get the chance.

I was fortunate enough to have my graduation “just in a nick of time” b/c the very next week, people started social distancing for real and since then it’s only gotten worse, as it should in order to stop the spread of the virus.


What’s my point? Glad you asked. 

This drawing by Kaitlyn Kirian from Ohio, that’s so beautifully done, depicts a graduate and a sign of the times. Who knows where she is or what the backstory of the drawing is.

She could very well be at home, trying on her graduation regalia and feeling like she’ll never get the chance to walk. She could be sick and not allowed to attend her graduation. It could be anything that inspired this drawing, but whatever the case may be, I definitely feel her pain. 


To any graduates that are reading this post, I acknowledge you and your hard work. A graduation ceremony is an event that recognizes your accomplishment, but not having one, does not diminish that accomplishment. 

You still graduated. You still got that 4.0GPA. You still passed that tough class. You’re still recognized for the hard work you put in and that degree is proof of that. You’re still awesome! You still ROCK! I really hope schools decide to have a ceremony of some kind, but if not, you still did it! I’m proud of you! ❤