As the country tries to get ahold of this COVID-19 virus, many things have changed to stop its fast spread. However, the one thing that’s remained constant is the need for people to continuously wash their hands along with sanitizing their space and STAYING HOME! 

Here’s a video I ran across on social media that shows HOW to properly wash your hands and the areas that many people may miss in an effort to do it quickly. It’s also great for children who are learning to wash their hands as well. Visuals are important!

Wonder why I continue to bring up the issue of washing your hands? B/c it’s healthy, it’s important, and even tho you may use hand sanitizer, it doesn’t take the place of soap and water! 🧼💧

At this point, they are saying that in order to get ahold of this virus, it will take 18 months. I mean, that’s a LONG time from now. There are already 3 states (California, Washington, and New York) that have a military presence in place b/c they have been hardest hit by the virus.

Pretty soon, we’ll all be on lockdown in the same fashion b/c new cases continue to pop up. Here’s how:


So, there are people who show no symptoms at all and others who don’t even know they’re infected, which is obviously, part of the problem when symptoms take between 2-14 days to appear. 

Then Will Smith broke down the importance of staying home b/c too many people being infected at once will eventually overwhelm our healthcare system, which we know is already strapped for supplies such as face masks. Overwhelm healthcare can cause many other issues that we aren’t prepared for, which can cause a domino effect and we don’t need anything else to postpone anyone getting treatment or testing that need it.

So, I am urging us to all do our part. That means washing our hands, sanitizing our space, and staying home! Lord knows, I wish I could stay home too. However, I am one that is essential at work… so, that’s where I will be, then at home. 

Y’all… I am still praying that this virus gets under control sooner rather than later. As Will Smith said, it will eventually pass, like the others that have been here before (Zika, Ebola, SARS, Swine Flu, etc.). However, since this situation is unprecedented in how the country is handling it due to it spreading so fast, we must stay informed, aware, vigilant, and isolated to get through it. ❤