As we all know the COVID-19 crisis has prevented many people from going to work and school. VA and MD just closed their schools down for the remainder of the school year and many people in that area are teleworking while others are either furloughed or completely out of work. 

Being that people are being told to reduce the need to leave home to essential needs only to include work, groceries, medication, or doctor’s appts that means that people are at home all day with their children, which is new to them. So, here are some tips to help those who are new to teleworking and will be until further notice: 


Even tho we are socially disconnected in person doesn’t mean we have to be completely isolated. There’s the Internet, telephone, social media, and apps that connect people more than ever before. 

Some recently newer apps that are gaining popularity are Zoom, where you can video chat with multiple people, host classes, have virtual dinner parties, and watch movies with your friends while maintaining social distance. There’s also Netflix Party, a Chrome extension (only available on computers and laptops), that allows friends to watch a movie together and chat while doing it. Of course, there are the old faithful ones such as Whatsapp, GroupMe, Twitter, Instagram, Google Hangouts, etc. 


As far as a hobby, I love to WRITE! However, you may like to garden or cook or sew or podcast or read since now you have the time to do those things. Maybe you will come up with a business or just take some time to finally relax. 

Whatever you choose to do, use this time to change something that needed to be changed before this pandemic hit. Don’t go back to the way things were when this is all over. I really think this health pandemic, as uncomfortable and trying and hard as it may be, is a way for us to change some things about our lives, as a community, as a people, as human beings.

Sadly, people will lose their lives during this time. However, if we are fortunate to make it to the other side, as this too will pass, we must be different people and do things differently. Rarely, do people get a 2nd chance but I think this is the Earth resetting and giving us ours. Let’s use it wisely. ❤