Let me first say that there are so many parents that are having a really hard time balancing working from home and schooling their children. Some have it easier than others. However, usually, when it comes to new concepts for children, they learn it at school first and parents are asked to reinforce it at home. 

Since things are a bit different right now, I wanted to help those parents that still have school-aged children that have to learn about money and how it works. 


So, here’s a genius idea for those children that still need to learn about saving, spending, counting, and earning money especially while most parents have the time right now to teach them. Usually, adding real-world examples can help solidify how the concept works in the real world, which means children can grasp it faster. 

A parent decided to use monopoly money and snacks in their own house to teach his children about money. Each week, he would give their children an allowance to spend or save. The children had an array of snacks to choose from and they were all priced. The parent was the grocer and would give change and have fun while using that as a teachable moment.

The parent also mentioned that once their snack money is gone, it GONE! The setup above is what he posted to his FB. Immediately, I thought it was genius! Definitely, a way to incorporate learning and fun into their day. This is also why I believe that learning is better outside of four walls, but I’m totally biased, see post here. 😊😉