I know that it hasn’t been easy since COVID-19 took over the world and has basically called for us to be overly cautious, hyperaware, and physically distant from people we know and love. I know it’s not easy for people who are depressed, anxious, or naturally overly cautious, so imagine being that way all the time to be safe?

It’s tiresome. It’s exhausting. It’s necessary. It’s the world we live in. It literally changed from one way to another damn near overnight and it sucks. Days seem to blur together. People getting into fights b/c they are spending too much time around each other. Millions of people are out of work. Like, it’s been a waking nightmare for some people.


Well, along with being a nightmare, it’s also traumatizing. When you don’t have money to buy food or buy necessities for your children, how do you cope? When you don’t have health insurance, how do you cope? When someone you know dies from this virus, how do you cope? When you don’t know what the next day will bring, how do you cope? 

However, there are some people who really cannot process what’s going on. I read on FB that someone is washing their hands so much that they are starting to crack and bleed. Another person is scared to get their mail. Another can’t venture out to the store b/c she doesn’t want to take her children with her. 


I say all this to say, remember to take some time each day and do something that will relieve your mind and relax your body. Whether that’s watching a movie, eating your favorite meal, playing with your children, reading, writing, talking to family/friends, playing a game, soaking in the tub or a hot shower… whatever it is.

Do one thing a day to take your mind off of the outside world. It will help you feel better and bring down your increasing stress levels due to the state of the world. In addition, try not to overindulge in the news. Yes, we should be informed, but that doesn’t mean listening to or reading the news 24/7.

With that said, take care of yourself. Be safe. Be careful and be cautious when outside. Wear a mask that covers your mouth and nose. ❤