How vigilant are you at keeping your passwords safe? How vigilant are you at choosing passwords, to begin with, and then committing them to memory? Do you have different passwords for every site you have? How do you remember them?

Do you trust those password apps that are supposed to remember your passwords? I don’t. I would like to think that I am good at picking passwords, which comes from my mom, who works in IT. Altho, it can be a bit much when she goes overboard at least from my point of view. However, I’ve never heard of her stuff being hacked. 🥴🤨


I said all this to say that checking passwords may be a thing that’s revisited every 3-6 months. Remember, when FB accounts were hacked? Remember when the Cloud was hacked and naked pics were out? The purpose of this post is to put it on your radar to remember to change your passwords more frequently and be more creative. 

Change your Internet and cable passwords after installation. Change your social media account passwords. Change your phone password. Change your work computer passwords when prompted. In fact, when your computer at work prompts you, that should signal you to change your other passwords for anything you hold dear and continue to change them regularly.


Why? So, that you don’t have pics, texts, tweets, and other sensitive information floating out there on the Internet where you can’t erase it. So, that those sensitive pics, tweets, and texts don’t ruin your friendships, relationships, and employment opportunities. I mean, let’s not forget how important social media is in this day and age.

So, let’s be a little more responsible and vigilant about how we protect our stuff, not to be sneaky or devious to the people we love and care about b/c that’s not what I’m talking about here. I’m talking about being more proactive against hackers and at the very least, the frequent changing of passwords can help. ❤