With some states preparing to reopen and others are trying to decide when to reopen, you will now have to lean into your own understanding, the facts, and figure out what is important. It seems that the people with the ability to make decisions are only thinking about money and themselves as opposed to containing this virus and people getting sick. 

Either way, you have to do what you can to protect yourself. Being out here protesting b/c you can’t go fishing, golfing, or hunting IS NOT FUCKING IMPORTANT!!! People are dying, people are getting cabin fever, people are missing their loved ones, people are missing out on graduation… there are other more important things than fishing or golfing. 


To Those Protesting: Since you have so much damn time on your hands and refuse to sit down somewhere, these states are now reopening too soon. So, when this 2nd wave hits and you’re now sick or someone in your family is sick, don’t take your ass to the hospital. You were the one that didn’t listen the first time! Remember that. 

Anyway, I said all this to say… just remain home. It sucks and it’s not fun, but it’s safe and necessary. That’s how we can contain the virus, how we can do our part to stay healthy, and take part in social distancing. While I know people are trying to work and figure out how to make ends meet, be sure to protect yourself while you’re out by wearing a mask and washing your hands. ❤