Last week was National Infertility Week and Mother’s Day is coming up this weekend, so I wanted to take a minute to remind all the women on their personal TTC journey to… 

think positive

I know it can be a bit disheartening and tough to hear another friend or family member got pregnant so easily and quickly. I know it can make you feel impatient, depressed, or upset with your own circumstances b/c it’s taking too long and you have to put in more effort for it to happen for you with no guarantees.

Of course, you want nothing else in the world than to be parents. You really want to experience the growth of your babies inside your womb. 🤰🏾🤱🏾 You want to experience that connection, that bond with your growing baby. You want to pick out names with meaning. You want to watch the baby learn and grow. You want to experience all of that… and you will. When the time is right. 

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Just know that your time is coming. It will be worth it in the end b/c the baby or babies meant for you will be here.They will be perfect and you will be glad things happened the way they did even if you can’t see that right now. 


Ladies, you are mommy material! 💖 You are capable and worthy of having children in whatever way that means to you and for you, as everyone is different and every situation it different and thanks to science, there are many ways to become mothers. 

So… 🗣don’t give up and keep praying for your miracle. 

Much ❤💕💖 and sticky baby dust ♂️♀️ to you!