Yesterday, I was feeling things. Today, tho… I’m angry b/c yet another black person has been gunned down in March and it’s just coming to light right now. 


This time, it was a “botched” search warrant. Police showed up in true riot, “don’t give a fuck” fashion, ready and armed, but TO THE WRONG DAMN HOUSE?! 

So, whose job was it to check, double-check, and then triple check the address?! I mean, they can all read, right? There should have been multiple eyes on the address to ensure that they were in the right place.

Aside from that, they went into the home unannounced and they were met with gunfire. So, I thought it was protocol to announce yourselves as police officers. Not only that, but if it’s the middle of the night or just before daybreak, most people would think it’s a burglar, so you have a RIGHT to protect your home.


During all this, Breonna was asleep. She was in a room alone. There was gunfire and a lot of commotion, but somehow the police wander into the room where she was and assume she is DANGEROUS. How, was she considered dangerous if she was ASLEEP during all this commotion? How Sway?! 🤨🤨

She was shot eight (8) times and was killed WHILE SHE WAS ASLEEP!!! Then, to put the icing on an already shitty cake, the person the warrant was for, was already in police custody. So, there was NO reason for this warrant in the first place. Who fucks up that bad and then kills someone on top of it. WHO? Where is the punishment for this grave and inexplicable tragedy? Will that person or persons be fired? I need answers. 


Like, it’s MAY tho. This senseless killing happened in March. The Louisville Police Department did absolutely nothing to acknowledge this even happened. The police haven’t been charged for their negligence. Nobody was put on admin leave for their behavior.

Nothing has happened, but b/c there’s a public outcry, all the things will happen and we’ll SEE if we can get an indictment and conviction, right? Like, is this how it will always be? The police did manage to charge Breonna’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, with the attempted murder of a police officer and another charge on THAT SAME NIGHT in March! They didn’t miss that beat. 


I hope his books are stacked, so he wants for nothing while in there. I hope he finds a dope ass lawyer PRO BONO! I just… 🤬

#BreonnaTaylor #RIP