I found this on FB and thought this was so creative and educational for parents to use when kids are learning to call people and use the phone for its actual intended purpose. 😂 Of course, smartphones are very different and texting is a thing, however, nothing wrong with going back to the basics, just in case.

Use this time to teach the children what the schools leave out. I figure this is where the life skills and training that we’ve wanted in the schools for so long comes in. Here’s where they learn those lifelong lessons and where we teach them how to survive in life, useful skills intermingled with their schoolwork. This way it doesn’t have to be so monotone and one-note, but fun and they are learning at the same time. 

For example, using this model to teach them their own phone number or grandparents number in case they get lost or need a ride. Let’s not forget in the case of an emergency. Things happen all the time and they need to know how to call for help in case an adult is unavailable, hurt, or in trouble. I’d say start teaching them the phone when they are about 3-years-old. That’s when they start to remember and grasp more things in life. 

Pull out these lifelong lessons when school work isn’t connecting with them or when they need to put down the games, tablets, and TV for a while. 😉 I guarantee you will be glad you took the time to teach them during this time. It can save your life.