I guess this is what we need to keep ourselves safe. I love that Jeff Trew and some others saw the police doing whatever they were doing and stopped to ensure the men in cuffs weren’t mishandled or another #GeorgeFloyd situation didn’t happen.

I love that during the protesting in Minnesota there are white people standing in-between the black people and the police. Standing up and not standing by! I love it. Jeff is right! We are human before anything else. This is the humanity we are missing, the compassion. Thank you to Jeff and the others that came to help him “Police the Police.”

I was out for an evening drive tonight when I passed two young black men who were pulled over by a total of 6 police officers. My hands started trembling and all I could think to myself was will they be the next George Floyd? I pulled over at the next apartment complex, parked my car, and walked back down the sidewalk on the opposite side of the street to monitor their interaction and to ensure their safety. I watched these young men be handcuffed and sat down on the curb while officers rummaged through their vehicle for over 10 minutes. Over the course of this time, 5 other bystanders joined me in policing the police. Apparently whatever they were looking for wasn’t there, because they let the young men leave, but not without pointing their fingers and laughing at us bystanders. It’s a sad world we are living in when we are forced to take measures like this to #policethepolice, to ensure the safety of our brothers and sisters. As a white man of privilege, this is the only lane I can fit in. This is how I can not only support but possibly save the life of one of my brothers or sisters. We are the human race before we are anything else. There was no wrongdoing by the police in this interaction, and these officers may be quality professional and compassionate people, but I won’t bet YOUR life on it! I won’t stand by when I can stand up! #BLACKLIVESMATTER 🖤🖤🖤 #StandInTheGap #GeorgeFloyd #IcantBreathe

I was just saying to my grandfather the other day, we have to watch out for each other out here. We have to be each other’s business when it comes to the police “just doing their job” b/c if we don’t protect our own, then we will continue to die. We cannot stand by and watch another person die without having their back. That means taking out your phone and recording, taking badge numbers if you’re close enough, taking pictures of the incident. Whatever you can do without interfering in their official police business b/c they can and will arrest you too.

Racism isn’t getting worse, it’s just being recorded. ~Will Smith

You know, he’s right! Everyone has a smartphone with a camera. It takes nothing to go live on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or whatever app. It takes nothing to hit record on your phone and stand off to the side. Then, upload it to social media. We have to be vigilant and aware of our surroundings b/c it really seems that nothing is done unless there is public outcry, so we must make ALL THE NOISE for justice.

Even Denzel Washington had to pull over in CA and mediate a situation when he saw the police harassing a homeless black man. Denzel got out of his car and made that situation HIS business to ensure that the black man was okay and that nothing jumped off that shouldn’t or didn’t have to happen. #policingthepolice

We have to stay in the fight and not just move our lips. These men, women, and children could easily come from our own families. Just remember that when you’re out and about in the world. We have to look out for one another. We’re all a part of the village, the community, the oppressed people… let’s make sure we protect our own. ❤