I’ve already talked about children and the police, post here, such as what to do when they encounter the police, how to react, what not to do so that they come home safely… and it just seems that the world becomes more and more scary no matter how much you try to prepare your children. 

It’s like, what do we do? How do we live in a world where people seem to be so content and okay with making up lies and endangering other lives? Where has the humanity gone? Why, on the most basic level, can’t we relate to each other as human beings instead of perpetuating this revolving cycle of hatred and racism? Why? I don’t understand, and in turn, that’s just made me NUMB.

Do you show them this video and have a conversation with them? What do you say? How do you explain that seeing police officers SCARE you, TRAUMATIZES you, and makes you feel POWERLESS, but they still have to listen and obey them? Do you cover you panic when you see one and they are in the car with you? Yes, you tell them the truth, but when they ask why, what do you say? How do you explain that the color of their skin is threatening? How do you explain racism, hatred, and oppression?

How do you explain that they aren’t allowed to be children b/c the world sees them as thugs. No matter how much they educate themselves. No matter what they wear. No matter how they grow up. No matter what schools they chose to attend. No matter their job title. No matter where they live. No matter how much they make or what’s in their bank accounts. Their skin color overrides and overshadows that. They are still seen as threatening, thugs, less than, inferior… 


Following the death of #GeorgeFloyd at the hands of police officers, this picture says everything. Talk to your children. Explain that what happened to #GeorgeFloyd didn’t have to happen. It happened b/c some police officers are shitty, racist, and hateful. Not all police officers are this way. Just the racist officers. Talk to your children. They have access to social media just like we do. They see, hear, and experience the same feelings, pain, and trauma as well. 

Help them process what is out there on social media and what they are feeling. Talk about whatever they express and let them know that their feelings are valid. Ask for ideas on how to ensure they get home safely. Teach them what to do when they are driving, walking, jogging, playing video games, pulled over, etc. Show them videos online, if you are stuck on how to approach the topic. Practice their actions, so it becomes second nature to them and they don’t succumb to being scared. However, just have the conversation b/c the last thing you want is to receive a call that they aren’t coming home.