Listen, as the pain and anger come to the forefront… I am not okay. I won’t be okay until police brutality and senseless killings are stopped. Those responsible are charged, convicted, and thrown in jail b/c they are not above the law. 

How much longer do I have to walk around like everything is okay? How much longer do I have to repress things around my children, so as not to alarm them? How much longer do I have to bear the same weight as my ancestors even tho time has moved forward? 


How much longer do I have to put on a happy face when deep down; I’m sad, hurt, scared, angry, exhausted, and cautious just b/c my skin tone is considered a threat.

How do I serve others when my soul isn’t right? When I don’t know if I will make it home that night. When I feel all out of sorts, but I still have to report to work like I slept well and everything is good.


These protests and riots are happening b/c people are tired. Tired of being tired. Tired of being angry. Tired of being hunted, killed, targeted, and blamed for literally nothing. Black and brown people have come to America for a better life, yet here we are worried about if our children will make it home. If our husbands, sons, uncles, fathers, friends, mentors, and role models will make it home safely.

While I agree that tearing down our own stores and property isn’t the way to be heard, I get that it gets the attention of those that usually pay us none. Still, we gotta find a better way.


Curtis Hayes Jr. is the man talking to the older generation (45) and the younger generation (16). He’s right… we’ve gotta find a better way. WE HAVE TO! Even tho it’s not the looting that we’re aiming for, they will still target us b/c we’re out there. Article here.

They will target us b/c they don’t want to admit to their faults. They are trying to protect their own. They don’t want to admit to the corruption and racism that still runs deep and rampant in their workplace. However, we see it. We acknowledge it. We know it and we won’t stop until it’s dealt with in the proper manner. #GeorgeFloyd didn’t have to die. #TamirRice didn’t have to die. #SandraBland didn’t have to die. #EricGarner #PhilandoCastile #SeanBell #AtiannaJefferson #BreonnaTaylor #AhmaudArbery #TrayvonMartin #MikeBrown

Plan, plot, strategize, organize, and mobilize. ~Killer Mike

Be safe. Be aware. Stand for justice. #blacklivesmatter ❤