Lemme tell y’all something about this book… I can hardly put it down!!! I mean, it has captured my attention and restored my yearning to read better than I ever expected it. Like, I knew Octavia Butler was an awesome writer and author, but I’m really blown away by how deep into this book I am b/c I can’t put it down! 


Now, Dana’s life is a mess! She outchea leading a double life, the one in the past (1819) and the one in the present (1976) and I’m telling y’all, she’s all discombobulated! She has to dumb herself down in order to survive in the past and keep those two very different worlds separate. Well, eventually, that takes a mental and emotional toll on her. 😔 Whew! 

But I don’t want to share too much, too soon when I still have more than half the book left. So, lemme get back to it! ✌🏾