We are still living in a time where the Black Lives Matter movement is a thing and we have to take to the streets in protest to be heard. We shouldn’t have to tell white people in positions of power, with privilege, and entitlement to treat black and brown people with the same respect as they treat their own, as human beings. Yet, here we are.


Well, the world erupted in protest, outrage, and anger since the death of George Floyd at the hands of police when he was stopped and kneeled on for 8 minutes, 46 seconds. Even when George complied, he was still killed and even tho this movement is bigger than George Floyd and so many things are changing, there’s still more to do.

Original post from Cameron Welch: 

We still have to be vigilant when it comes to our children and getting them home safely. Cameron’s mom had “The Talk” with him and he made a TikTok video about the rules that his mom taught him. Some rules that I would add are:

  • Don’t reach for anything in your pockets (cellphone, wallet)
  • Don’t make any sudden moves, move slowly
  • Don’t run, you have nothing to hide
  • Stay respectful and as calm as possible
  • Do not draw attention to yourself
  • Be aware of your surroundings, keep your head on the swivel

This what I mean by having “The Talk” with your children. Even tho things are changing, very slowly, but changing nonetheless… there are still evil, hateful, spiteful, trifling, racist people out there, who don’t care about the changes or don’t want things to change, so they will still carry out their hateful agenda.

Sometimes, those racist people are disguised as police officers, lawyers, judges, and coroners as we’ve seen throughout history. Hell, even the coroner in the George Floyd case said he didn’t discover anything wrong with his throat, lungs, or find any indication of asphyxiation. How Sway? That’s exactly how George died, we saw it! So, yes… it’s a whole gang of people in powerful positions that try to cover up his death as well. 

The point is before it goes too far, we have this talk to ensure we’re not the next family on the very long list of victims that died at the hands of police officers. We have this talk so our children are not another hashtag. We have this talk so that our children come home safely and know how to conduct themselves if something happens b/c we can’t keep them locked up at home 24/7/365. We have this talk, so they are prepared for the outside world b/c hate and racism still exists.


While Cameron believes that nobody should have to live like this, and I agree, it’s one thing that parents can find comfort in that will give them hope that they can see their children come home safe and sound at the end of every night. While we know that even being fully compliant doesn’t save us, it’s still something parents hope can help.

Do you have rules for your children? Are they different for your girls than your boys? What rules do you tell your children? Comment below.

Be safe. Be well. Be careful. Be vigilant. Be aware. ❤