This comes as more of a warning than anything else. In the news, as of 2-3 weeks ago, there have been more black people discovered hanging from trees, lynched. Of course, those murders have been ruled a suicide, but we know differently. We know that those black men and women didn’t kill themselves. 

So, here is the call… this message calls for people not to be out alone in and look out for each other in public b/c we are ultimately each other’s business. I know this is 2020 and not 1945, but here we are… adopting safety measures to ensure we all make it home safely again. It’s not just police brutality anymore, we have to look out for other racists that are common people or could be our neighbor, child’s teacher, or grocer. 


It’s getting real out here and that’s probably b/c we are making some strides in changing things to make it better for our people, which in turn, makes those racists mad! Well, too bad! These changes are way past due and we deserve to be treated with respect, decency, and equally to our white counterparts. 

Anyway, just a note to be careful especially at night and especially if you’ve been actively fighting for justice, racial equality, and basic human rights. It’s really a sin and a shame that we have to continue to fight the fight our ancestors died fighting for, but until things get better and remain better, this will never end. 


Be vigilant. Be safe. Be careful. Be active. Be aware. Keep your head on a swivel. Remember: There’s power in numbers. Don’t go out alone, if you can help it and if there have been strange fruit popping up near you. ❤