We are living in the information age. I mean, my own 7-year-old niece has a cellphone (only useful with wifi) and she’s had a tablet for years now, but she has access to information. This means that she, and children her age, see what’s going on with the injustices in the world, issues with the police, black people dying, and the trauma it has on the people around them. Those lasting effects don’t just go away. 

So, really… it’s time to start teaching them about what’s going on, so that they have a better understanding and so that they are well informed, for their age and comprehension level. Would you agree that they deserve to know what’s going on around them in case something happens in front of them that potentially terrorizes and traumatizes them? I say we, as adults, owe them that while they are teachable and listening.


Now, I’m not saying to turn them into militant midgets. Hahaha! Not at all. Just help them understand what’s going on around them and help them feel comfortable asking questions about what’s going on. Yes, you’re still trying to figure things out from day to day, however, think of how they must feel. Depending on adults for everything and that includes information and knowledge as well.

Hopefully, this chart helps to start a discussion or maybe you can read these books together and answer their questions as you go along. Anything to help them feel safe, ease their anxiety, and feel comfortable enough to communicate what they are feeling during this time. ❤