This is something new that I’ve been working on, which is what I like to call mini-interviews. This is where I ask some questions and the author of this month’s book, Ms. Martin, will answer them and provide a little more information about herself, the book, and her journey to get here. This is so that you, the readers, can get a peek into the mind behind the words and stay connected to her on social media. 

Here’s a little more about Ms. Martin and her journey to bring you, Tempted to Touch, which I’m almost done reading! Yes, her book review will come at the end of the month. 😉



C Jaye: Tell the readers a little about yourself.

Ms. Martin: I’m 36 born and raised in Virginia. I currently reside in Central California with my wife, our 2 daughters, and the man of the house Tiger ( our chihuahua) LOL. I have an Associates’ degree in Administration and a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. I just recently took the test to start teaching literature so wish me luck 😊 

C Jaye: What inspired you to write this book?

Ms. Martin: I’ve had this plot that just kept nagging at me and I had to put it on paper. Although it’s completely fiction I got the idea when I worked in a Prison in South Carolina when one of the inmates lost his wife to a female mutual friend they shared. These characters were telling me they wanted their story told. Ha!

C Jaye: How did you get into writing?

Ms. Martin: I’ve been writing poetry since I was around 12 as an outlet for my feelings. I’m extremely introverted so I used poetry to help release the feelings I’ve kept inside.

I LOVE to read. I’ve been reading since I learned to write and to this day you can always catch me with a book in my hands. I wanted others to feel how I feel when I read so I decided to embark on the novel-writing journey.

C Jaye: If this had happened to a friend of your child, what would your advice be?

Ms. Martin: Follow your heart and your gut. Relationships are hard but when you know what you want and you find someone who is willing to treat you the right way, let them. Infidelity is hard to deal with and you will get your heart broken at least once in your lifetime. Just don’t let that one bad seed dictate your future relationships.

C. Jaye: What character do you most identify with and why?

Ms. Martin: I’d definitely be London, I see a lot of my inner self in her. She’s strong, smart, and loving. She’s courageous and doesn’t let any obstacles stand in her way of true happiness.

C. Jaye: From start to finish, how long did this process take (to complete the book)?

Ms. Martin: It took me two (2) years to write this book. I’ve changed the name from the original title. It was going to be called Married to his Mistress, but I couldn’t get the story to follow the path I wanted it to go. I’ve attempted to complete it twice during NanoWrimo, but the idea of having so many words done in one month was overwhelming. So then I tried to break it down into a two-part series but I couldn’t get enough to finish the second part so I just combined it all and made it a novella instead. So, yeah the process was a rollercoaster for me for sure.

C. Jaye: How did you push through writer’s block?

Ms. Martin: Music and solitude and a lot of encouragement from my spouse. There were times where I just wanted to squash the whole idea of being published but I have a great support system at home and a wife who forced my hand by giving me a deadline. More like bribing me with a new iPad so I didn’t have any excuse not to finish.

C. Jaye: Where is your favorite place to write?

Ms. Martin: The library or any place where I can be alone. Writing makes me feel vulnerable so I feel awkward writing with people around if that makes sense. 

C. Jaye: What would your advice be for others looking to write or publish?

Ms. Martin: Do IT! I’m a BIG procrastinator and I doubt myself a lot when it comes to my writing but getting the work out there will be the confidence-booster you need to keep going. Even your writing doesn’t take off right away, keep pushing. You can do it. Don’t let anyone else’s opinion of you stop you from fulfilling your desire to write! It will get hard but just keep pushing no matter how long it takes. Finish!

C. Jaye: What is next for you? Are there more books to come?

Ms. Martin: I’ve gotten discouraged after I published my first two books but I’m definitely not giving in just yet. It’s been hard to write during the pandemic since my wife and kids are home and I’m on mom/wife duties but I would like to write a book on affirmations for women. I just want to uplift and inspire others.

Also, working on something my girls can read. They’ve been begging since they definitely can’t read this one. LOL! 😉

Thank you 😊

If you want to find out more about Ms. Marquitta Martin, what she’s doing now, and what she’s up to in the future; please find her on social media: TwitterInstagram (personal)Facebook.