I guess we’re gonna go here today. Why? B/c I got time. So, this man asked a common question, does he have a shot when he gets a woman’s number? The woman said, no! She only gave her number to him b/c she didn’t want to die that day. Let that marinate:


The woman gave a random guy her phone number and she plans to block him when she gets home. Why is this important? Like, why are you bringing this up? This is a real fear that women have and there are many, many incidents that have been reported and documented to scare women into doing this just to make sure she lives to see another day. 


Remember this story about the 19-year-old college woman, who was killed and left in her car for her sister and police to find b/c she ignored a random man’s catcalls while she was walking down the street? 

Most women have gotten around this issue by wearing earphones or talking on the phone or even going out with friends. But at some point, a woman is going to walk alone whether she’s going to work, school, or just out and about. The question becomes, “How does a woman keep herself safe?  

Remember, we are in a world where men aren’t emotionally mature, can’t deal with rejection properly, aren’t taught how to approach women, and can’t deal with their sexual aggressions. Instead, women are overpoliced during puberty while men are left to run wild and their own devices b/c “boys will be boys.”


Yes, it’s a double standard that lands women on the receiving end of victim-blaming in domestic violence and rape cases while men just do what they want. Remember, too, those same boys, who aren’t taught properly while growing up, turn into men who are ill-equipped to handle their own emotions, the word NO, and other adult concepts that involve women… hell, other people. 

So, yes… this is a lesson to remind women that we must remain vigilant in our safety efforts. Sometimes being safe is doing what they ask, so that you can live to see another day. Sometimes being safe is remaining quiet until you can get to a safe place. Sometimes being safe is having more people with you while walking in questionable areas. Sometimes being safe is playing along. Or stay strapped! 


Whatever keeps you breathing is survival! Do not be ashamed of what you did to see another day. People are crazy out here and you don’t know who is gonna snap, so better safe than sorry. ❤

Be careful. Be safe. Be vigilant.