The world has drastically changed. COVID-19 has come and changed how people socialize, how businesses run, how stores operate, the integration of technology, and the need for masks in order to keep people safe and healthy. But, what about single parents and the use of their support system?

I’ve heard single moms, in particular, say that their whole support system and even relying on childcare has changed. What we know is that once someone in the household gets sick with COVID, then it’s likely that the whole family in that house will have COVID. So, sending their child to daycare or someone’s house without knowing about the other person’s exposure is very risky. 


So, who does the single parent turn to for help or respite? Let’s not even get into the conversation about sending children back to school or not and working from home vs. not having that option. Like, there’s so much that is different and that has to be considered now. I say this all the time and I will reiterate it, you have to do what’s best for your family and that means looking at all aspects and choosing the best, most healthiest option.

Another option I’ve heard is that a single parent will choose a family or two and they will rotate responsibilities between them and work out their own little schedule, so that their children have other children to play with, they have adults to talk to, and other houses to visit, etc. In essence, they have their own little bubble and rely on each other. I think this is genius b/c being a single parent and away from family can be isolating and lonely at times.


Listen, it’s okay to ask for help when you need it. It’s okay to say, I need to call my village b/c I need a couple hours to myself. We are human and let’s not kid ourselves, people expect women to be superhuman. Well, guess what?! Not all the time and not every day b/c that shit can be exhausting and overwhelming.

Raising children, working, looking presentable, getting out of bed, cooking, cleaning, checking homework, keeping everyone healthy, being on time, etc… that’s a lot of work, that’s a lot of demand, and that a lot of time. Remember this post

Here are some other ways to be helpful to the mom when a new baby joins the family: 


For everyone else, new babies are fun and loving. Cute and cuddly! 💖💖🥰 However, they are still just babies and don’t have fully developed immune systems yet. Be mindful of that and remember to give the new mom and baby the same respect you’d want if you were a new mom/dad.