A moment of transparency: This is the first time that I have reviewed a book where the relationship between the characters is the focal point of the story and it’s messy. Usually, I shy away from romance novels and the like b/c it’s not my favorite genre to read. However, I took a chance on this book b/c I was intrigued by where this story could go and how the characters would develop. Ultimately, I wanted to know if there would be a resolve to their problems and what looks like in the grand scheme of things. Basically, what it would be when the smoke cleared.

Then, I thought, why not read this book? It’s by a black author.It’s a black woman.I can explore a different genre of books for a change.And, it has the potential to be an awesome story depending on the twists within the story and the ending. Okay, now I’m interested and intrigued. Let’s go! 

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First, we meet London, who is a successful black woman who has everything she’s ever wanted. Her career as an editor and poet is going well. She has the man of her dreams, Lamont, by her side. She has the perfect home and car. She has more money in the bank than the average person and she is definitely gorgeous to boot. With that said, she’s ready for the natural next step in her relationship, but will she get there?

Then, we’re introduced to Lamont. He’s a guy in love with London, but he’s definitely done his dirt on the side. He’s cheated on London and messed around like most guys that know they have bodies like Greek gods and are handsome too. He’s a tattoo artist that often travels for work, so there is ample space and opportunity to do his thing for which he takes full advantage. Can he let go of his playboy ways and commit to one woman?

Finally, there’s Rayne. How do I describe her? She’s a computer technician that loves her job, poetry, and her life. However, Rayne had another special interest and we’re not just talking about her interest in poetry and music. You read this book to find out how Rayne fits into this equation and how she makes herself known. You read this book to figure out how she goes about getting what she wants and if it works out for her. Lemme tell you, while love triangles usually don’t work out, maybe Rayne figured out how to ensure hers does? Hmmm… 

Real Life

As we all know, relationships are messy. I’m not just talking about romantic relationships either. All relationships can be messy b/c you have two people who are trying to get their needs met and still remain happy. It’s a balancing act and it takes consistent work and communication from both parties. However, b/c we know that nobody is perfect this is what makes relationships complicated and messy.

Two people have to figure out how to maintain their own lives and mesh themselves with another person without losing themselves, losing their independence, and without the trauma and dysfunction of their past ruining their present and their future. I won’t lie, it’s tough b/c we all come with baggage. However, it’s finding the right person that can help you navigate life, heal, and move forward without making it worse that can make all the difference.


Adding a third person in the mix, wherever they may come from, isn’t fair. As we take the lesson from the most recent debacle between Jada Pinkett-Smith, August Alsina, and Will Smith. The lesson here is even tho Will and Jada were broken up and thinking that they were never going to get back together, Jada should have never gotten involved with August until she was completely done with Will, if that’s what it was going to be.

What I mean is that Jada should have been completely divorced, moved out, and done with the relationship and then gotten involved with someone else. She admitted that she was broken and hurting when she got with August. Hurt people, hurt people. In the end, Jada went back to Will, and August, who fell in love with Jada, ended up alone, heartbroken, and worse off than he was before his entanglement with Jada while Jada and Will have each other. See, this is why people should never get involved with married, separated, or engaged folks. It’s just too messy! 


As I mentioned before, I’m not really into romance novels and relationship drama. There’s clearly enough of that in real life and reading books about it isn’t necessarily my idea of self-care, leisure, or fun. Despite that, I decided to give this book a chance and I’m glad I chose to try something new and different for a change b/c sometimes you need to change things up a bit. 

I think this book was good. It wasn’t what I expected, not by a long shot. However, the twists and turns in it were definitely not what I thought would happen. Being that its fiction, the author has the space to create whatever they want. So, I love the creativity aspect even if it doesn’t seem that likely to happen in real life. Strange things happen every day, so you never know, right? Nobody says that just b/c things are messy, people can’t find a way to coexist in a way that works for all involved or whoever will continue to stay in each other’s lives. 

So, give this book a chance. If you like romance, relationship drama, pettiness, twists and turns, love, revenge, a woman scorned, love triangles, etc… this is the book for you! If you do choose to read it, come back a let me know what you thought. Leave a comment below. 😉

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