Listen, we know that COVID-19 isn’t leaving us any time soon. Know why? B/c people won’t wear their masks.

I think it’s very selfish and ignorant of those people to believe and act like this is a personal choice when it really is about saving the lives of others. Okay, so you don’t want to wear the mask to protect yourself, that’s cool. It’s your life, but guess what… this ain’t about you! What about your child(ren), your husband, your elderly parents, your sister, your neighbor, your favorite aunt? Hell, your pets? Like, I have to ask… do y’all really care about anyone besides yourself or nah? 


If none of those people in your own families move you, then how about the depreciation of the US passport? There are countries that will NOT allow Americans to travel there b/c we can’t follow simple directions and wear the damn mask! How embarrassing is it that other countries have a handle on their COVID cases, but we can’t seem to get our own shit together? So much so, that we are now shut out of other places in the WORLD. Like, this is a first and it’s very humiliating! 

I’m really starting to wonder if anyone cares b/c not being allowed in certain countries is bad enough, however, as sure as I am Black… things will probably get worse before they get better. All the while, people are fighting to reopen schools, teachers are filling out their final papers, people are hosting parties, and the like… I mean, it’s a whole ass pandemic out there. Since March, there are people who are dying every day. If anything, we need to get back to Phase Zero and start over b/c we haven’t learned anything in three months. 


Now, for the ones that say they can’t breathe while wearing a mask… I got something for you. You’re lying and full of crap! You are making excuses and sorry ones at that. Do better and be more creative b/c medical professionals are debunking your lies right before your eyes. So, nice try!! 

Someone on Twitter or IG (can’t remember which one) stated: None of y’all had problems wearing your racist hoods and those only had the eyes cut out, so surely, you can wear a mask. While I cackled from a good hearty place, that person wasn’t lying. People love to make excuses but lack the creativity to make it, make sense. 

Honestly, this would have been a better excuse:


As a person who wears glasses, this is a constant annoyance for me. I hate my glasses fogging up, yet I would rather this small thing than to be sick. Pick your battles. 

Yall… it’s getting worse out there by the day. More and more children are being exposed and testing positive now. So, with children coming down with COVID, so will the adults that have to care for them unless they protect themselves and guess how they do that? WEAR THE DAMN MASK! 


About a month ago, I was listening to the news and heard about two hair stylists that contracted COVID, but they continued to work for a week into their symptoms. They saw clients and went on as normal. Now, of course, they were wearing their masks and so were their clients. However, none of their clients report having COVID after their visit to the hair salon. How did they not get COVID despite being in close proximity to their stylist having COVID? THEY WERE WEARING A MASK!!! Read the article here.

Let’s be honest, wearing a mask is for others. It’s so that you don’t pass your symptoms and illness onto anyone else. The mask is not to personally protect you. That’s why it’s important that you and others wear a mask, to protect each other. ❤