I have this picture here b/c Agatha Christie was a hero post-mortem. She saved a baby’s life through her writing by describing in such detail thallium poisoning. However, it was the nurse that took action quickly enough to save the baby.

What’s my point? Glad you asked. Can you imagine how many times the mother of that child had to watch her child get worse or hear that there’s nothing else the doctors can do b/c they didn’t know what was wrong with her? Do you know how mentally and emotionally taxing that can be on a parent, a family? 


My quick point is that parents know when something is wrong with their child. I’ve seen too many times when parents take their sick child back and forth to the hospital or doctor’s office, only to be told that they can’t figure out what’s wrong or there’s nothing else they can do. Meanwhile, the child is getting worse and worse. 

When a parent knows that something is wrong, the best thing you can do is advocate for your child. You become that child’s mouthpiece, as the parent and adult. You have to talk and demand that someone listen to you b/c you know your child and what’s normal. So, having someone tell you that “this will pass” and “take this medication” while nothing is improving, can be deadly, if you aren’t careful. 


As a black woman, I know that doctors, nurses, and other people in authority aren’t apt when it comes to listening to our pain, complaints, or problems. This is dangerous for us especially in the times of COVID. With that said, please… continue to advocate for yourself, your children, your family until someone hears you!

It can be the difference between life and death. I would rather you be here and have done your best to get what you deserve than to be ignored and had not tried at all. You matter. You deserve to be here. ❤