If there’s one thing I know is that this world is ever-changing. Back in the 1940s, there were two genders: a girl and a boy. What parents can’t do is force a child to be one or the other, that’s a decision that is already made before they are born and if you want to really get technical and scientific, the father makes that decision with his sperm. If you need further assistance and education, Google is free. 😉

Anyway, the mother in this book took things to a WHOLE ‘nother level when she decided to get what she wanted instead of being happy with what she had. I’m already like…


You know the old adage, “Be thankful for what you have b/c someone out there has it worse than you.” Well, she didn’t listen. That’s for damn sure! 

Chile… I thought I done seen it all and I stand corrected. #PerfectPeace