We are six months into this pandemic and cases continue to increase. Schools at all levels are virtual for now. Places that were once closed, are trying to reopen. Colleges have tried to reopen and failed. Workplaces are setting new parameters for employees to return to work. Life is definitely different. 

I have two questions: Currently, where are you? and Where do you desire to be? Moving from one zone to another comes with self-awareness, some realizations, change, time, patience, and the ability to face some fears. 

Do you have what it takes to move? What happens when you move too soon? How do you know you’re ready to move to another zone? Does moving from one zone to another look linear or can it model a roller coaster? 


I’m asking these questions b/c it’s imperative that we all get to the growth section in the healthiest way possible. That’s the end goal, the end game. While this pandemic is nowhere near over, we still have to move and exist while continuing to work, raise families, and keep ourselves sane in the process. 

Think about it! That’s a lot on a person when the world insists on trying to go to shit, the economy has come to a halt, and cleaning supplies are rare finds. I mean, this is some stressful shit. Then, on top of that, the news changes every day as more people succumb to this virus, we are locked inside our homes, and nothing that was normal before is normal now. 


Whew, Chillay! It’s a lot just thinking about how we have to maintain, but it can be done. How:

  • Just taking things day by day. Living in the here and now, meaning to be present, without worrying about tomorrow. Doing what you need to do to get you and your family through today and let tomorrow take care of itself.
  • Believe that you’ll make it through this by having a little faith. This too shall pass. Pray, meditate, or sit in silence. 
  • Finally, trusting that when this ends: you will be stronger, wiser, and healthier b/c you were able to see the other side of this. So, being thankful and grateful! Remember, many people didn’t see today but you did.

Just three steps to remember, then rinse and repeat. No, every day won’t be easy and every day won’t be the same, but this plan of “attack” will still work regardless of the day you’re facing. I’m living proof of that. 😉

Be careful. Stay healthy. Be safe! ❤