There are a lot of people that suffer with infertility. People that have to use science to conceive via IUI, ICI, or IVF to have the children of their dreams. Sometimes the cause of infertility is unknown and sometimes the cause is the male, PCOS, diminishing ovarian reserve, or simply age.

Even tho people keep hope alive by saying that “it only takes one,” which is true, that doesn’t negate the painful, emotional, or expensive road to get to their desired end… a baby. So, here’s something that I thought might help couples or singles on the way to baby…


Of course, this seems like the “cliche” saying of having a good diet and exercise, but that’s really important b/c it helps the body regulate properly, operate efficiently, and make things a little easier. Let’s not forget, a woman is born with all the eggs she’ll ever have and once those run out or start to, it can be difficult to conceive with her own eggs, which may be important to her.

Finally, science has come a long way in helping women conceive and usually men can bounce back with a little care and attention to their diet and some vitamins. While it may take some people a little longer than others, I know that it’ll all be worth it in the end b/c the road you took to get there was long, emotional, and full of surprises.

However, the biggest surprise is the baby at the end of the journey and it will be the perfect baby for you once you make it to the finish line.