As you all know, this month’s book is Sugar by Bernice McFadden and it is horrible! Well, I shouldn’t say horrible. I should say it’s not for me, but in any case I’m like… 


I have read three chapters and I am struggling to stay engaged. People have said it was “so good” and “it needs a sequel” and “I need more.” Meanwhile, I’m like…


Y’all I’m going to bow out of this one and think about where I went wrong when I chose it.

I mean, it really could have been the sale I found it on b/c it was $1.99. It could have been all the talk in the infamous FB group b/c usually they are right, however, this time… they’ve led me astray. I feel hoodwinked. UGH!

I just… I need time to recover. 💔🥴