Let’s be honest here… mostly everyone has social media accounts whether it’s for fun or business and they have become very useful. However, they come with a heavy price. People mostly post about their lives and all the GOOD things that happen to them b/c it keeps people interested unless you’re a celebrity where the opposite is true, but let’s focus on regular folks here.

So whether it’s a new baby, an engagement, a wedding, a new home, a new job, a vacation, losing weight, or even just every day stuff, people still only post about the happy things that happen in their lives. It gives the illusion that life is great, they are perfect, and nothing ever happens that is contrary to what they want. Life is rainbows, unicorns, cupcakes, and butterflies. 

Problem is that people start comparing their regular lives to the “happy” they see on social media and that leads to depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, etc. Of course, we are told to stop comparing our lives to other people’s lives b/c no two people are the same and nobody posts their failures, which is true. However, that’s really hard to do when it’s all you see day in and day out all on your TL. Happy, happy, fun, joy, and smiles.

People love to leave out their struggles, trials, and tribulations b/c who wants to read that all day? People live and swear by the likes or “love” they get when they post, so the point of posting is solely for the attention and appearance of being perfect, which is impossible b/c nobody is perfect. So, the question becomes… why do we maintain this image online when we know it’s not real? B/c it’s easy to do.

Anyway, my point here is this… enjoy your life! Live your life. No, everything won’t always be good and every day won’t be happy. Nobody’s life is always happy. However, happy is a choice. You can choose to be happy all the time, but even that is risky b/c you’ll be denying your right to feel anything else and thus suppressing your true emotions leaving them to show up in other ways in your life. So, always be true to yourself and allow yourself to feel what you feel. That’s your right.

Emotions are there for a reason, acknowledge them. If you feel sad, be sad. If you feel angry, be angry. If you feel upset, be upset. If you feel sick, be sick. Don’t suppress what you feel. Face it and feel it, then move on. Just don’t wallow in it and allow what you see on social media to bring you down b/c your life is different. Life is full of ups and downs. We all have them as long as we’re breathing, so don’t let social media “goods” show you anything different. ❤