This is going to be short and sweet b/c I really don’t have a lot of time today, but I have to agree with this statement:

The reason that I agree is b/c we’ve spent all this time talking about how so much screen time whether it’s video games or television is bad for you. Even when social media became a thing, it was still an outcry of how people are going to lose touch with socialization and each other b/c people are hiding behind screens and not exercising or spending so much time alone or whatever.

Now, that school is virtual all that has simply vanished b/c it’s teachers in front of the screen? Nah. Even children that are home-schooled don’t spend ALL day “in school.” They have may learn for 4 hours a day and yet statistics has proven that they are a wee bit smarter than children that go to public and private schools, but hey… don’t shoot the messenger. Look up the stats yourself.

While I realize that this is a first, it’s temporary, it is a global pandemic, and there are health risks, that means it won’t be perfect. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to criticize b/c the longer children are occupied by school, the more parents can focus on the younger children or work b/c they are at home too. I’m simply saying that there should have been some more thought for this virtual learning thing other than moving everything online and having young children stare at the screen all day.

Why? B/c when they finish school they are going to stare at another screen to wind down be it TV or video games or social media and it’s just too much. We all know that staring at a screen all day wears on the eyes eventually and well… that leads to other issues. Listen, I know this is the best we have right now, I’m just saying we could have done more with a whole ass summer to prepare, but hey… here we are. We gotta make the best of it.

Y’all be safe out there! ❤