So, since I had a horrible time reading Sugar by Bernice McFadden, a book that was supposed to be “SOOO good” however,


I am now trying to decide if I should, A: Choose a book for next month and start reading it early OR B: Chill and enjoy the break b/c going back to finish the other book isn’t an option?

If I choose to start a book early, it can be a longer book than I normally read. I just need the book to be good! Like, Sugar wasn’t bad… it just wasn’t for me. I think it’s important to acknowledge when something isn’t worth your time or energy, to listen to yourself and change things up. That way, you are constantly self-aware and always progressing without getting “stuck.”

So, I think I will start looking for another book to start. One that serves me well and is worth the brain power. What do you think? Comment below. 🌺