With the November election only a mere 1.5 months away and absentee voting just kicked off in some states, I wanted to send a little reminder of why you should vote. Just in case you weren’t going to or you were on the fence about two of the most important issues… police brutality and systematic racism.

If you look closely, you’ll see the names of 100 black and brown men and women who were killed by police brutality. These are the names that we KNOW of and whose cases were known to the public. Trust, there are many more who are unknown and unnamed.

One name I don’t see on here is Sean Bell, which is very surprising! They have a biopic or documentary coming out about him soon, but I digress. He’s one of many names that aren’t here, but the point is still very clear… police brutality is out of control and needs to stop!

While I think things will get worse before they get better, George Floyd’s murder ignited something in this world that we needed in order to be heard, allies. We needed some help to get our point across and the whole world joined in. However, we still see that police officers are still killing people and that’s because its better that they expose themselves than hide in plain sight.

So, while we move towards some much needed changes the world needs, it still will take some time. Either way, we can still do our part and vote out the orange martian that seems to find nothing wrong with people dying whether from racist police officers, a racist justice system, or COVID. #blacklivesmatter