I understand that being a single parent isn’t easy, but what burns my biscuit is when people claim to be single parents and they aren’t. Yes, you’re single if you’re divorced or unmarried, but that is a status and it has nothing to do with your children.

If the father of your child helps you in any way, you are a co-parent. If you have more than one income including child support, you’re not a single parent. If you share custody, you’re not a single parent. A single parent means that you parent alone in every sense of the word; financially, mentally, emotionally, physically, and don’t have to consult anyone to make any decisions for those children.


When all the decisions fall on you, the single parent, it can be very tough. I was reminded this past weekend that it can become very frustrating and lonely as a single parent. I mean, there’s no time to yourself. There’s no time with friends. No outside interests. Hanging out with friends is a distant memory. Life is literally all about your child or children.

As a parent, that’s to be expected. However, I feel like my sister was expressing that her frustrations were getting to her and it was her call for help. She wanted so bad for a break, some time to herself, a moment to breathe, something… Every time she moved, a child and, sometimes two (she has twins), moved with her. So, I get it. I watched as she couldn’t even go to the bathroom in peace.

However, with four kids on your own… it’s sometimes hard to get a sitter and if you do, they are wondering when you coming back. So, I get her frustrations. I don’t want to say I understand what she’s going through b/c I’m not yet a parent. However, I do get what she’s saying. It’s tough. It’s lonely. It’s scary b/c of the pandemic.

What’s my point? My point is that I wish she would have said something sooner and not held all this in for so long, but I’m glad she let it out b/c it needed to come out. This way she feels better, she can work on healing, and realize that children are worth the sacrifice. Her life doesn’t have to be on hold, she just have to be more creative with her time.

She can get a lot done if she really took the time to figure it out, but hopefully with some of that anger, pain, and frustration gone… it can provide her some clarity to get some things done… creatively. ❤