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In Reality

#MessageMonday and Encouragement posts are here b/c in reality, we must make an effort to take care of our mental health just like we make an effort to take care of our physical health. 🙂


Here’s what I mean:

Mental health is something we all need to be aware of and work on daily. I work on my mental health daily, but it took a while for me to even admit there was a problem.

However, planting seeds now doesn’t mean the tree won’t sprout at some point. In other words, I am planting therapy and seeking help seeds now, so that people will have them to refer to at a later date. Hopefully, reading my blog will encourage those who need it to seek help before it’s too late. 

By too late, I mean their life is in shambles, all other coping methods aren’t working like they used to, they are at their wit’s end, or they are too proud to ask for help. Help is there, just reach out to someone. 

All encouraging and inspirational posts can be found here. Want to hear about a specific mental health issue? Contact me here and let me know. 🙂 

*All previous news articles can still be found here.

Thank you & Enjoy!

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