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C. Jaye Writes

The written word is a formidable weapon!

HouseKeeping News

Let me first say: Thank you all for your continued support and comments. I definitely feel the love. 🥰




This is where all site changes and updates will go. 

Questions, comments, concerns? Click here.

When I Post:

I regularly post 3x a week: Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. All articles are posted on their respective days at 8am.

  • Mondays will be referred to as #MessageMondays.
  • Tuesdays are anything to do with family, children, pregnancy, or motherhood.
  • Thursdays are all about books! Book reviews, book updates, upcoming books to be read… just all things books! 


  • Wednesdays are sporadic and usually for any celebrity news, highlights, other informational content, or shoutouts. #blackexcellence

**As you can see, this blog stays busy! 😉 A little something for everyone!**

Changes: as of 4/1/2020

From now on, Mondays will be referred to as #MessageMondays. There will always be some kind of message in Monday’s post. A positive message, but a message of some sort.

I upgraded the site to be able to include videos, a donate button, and other awesome changes. 

I have started posting article highlights instead of the story form from articles. As always, the original article(s) is posted via a link within the post. The source of the article is always given their proper credit within a post, as well.

For your convenience, I have added estimated reading times to the posts going forward.

I have changed the logo to a classier blue rose, so it can POP when you look at it and I reworded the tag line! Hope you like it! 😊

Starting in June, Thursdays will be all about BOOK NEWS!! For more information, see the “When I Post section…” ✨


If/When you comment, please comment on the post that you are referring to. This makes it easier to keep track of comments and what content you’re referring to when you comment. It allows me to bring you more of the content that you like as well.

🗣Please keep the comments coming!

I am enjoying them! 😊😊

Things are changing! I am finding my rhythm and figuring out what works, so please bear 🐻 with me. All changes or updates with the blog site will be found here. 🌹

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