Children are the future. We have to start praying over them. When they leave the house for school, skittles and juice, playing in the front yard, jogging, a picnic in the park, driving in a different neighborhood, going to play with a friend, walking home from baseball practice, going to church, or wherever… we have to come to the realization that there is a possibility that we will never see them alive again. As painful and hurtful as that reality is, it’s true. 

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Last night, I slept in my son’s room on the floor, heavy-hearted about the wicked murder of #GeorgeFloyd and how that easily could’ve been my beloved boy — complying but dying. I prayed over him, for his present and future, and vowed to pour even more wisdom into him. Sadly, no matter how much we teach our black sons how to be respectful to authority, yes sir, no sir, always comply… there’s still a chance they may die. #repost

We need more of this. Not b/c black men, women, and children are hunted, hated, and oppressed in America. We need more of this b/c our children and our men are not making it home safely. We need more of this b/c racism is alive and well. We need more of this b/c we matter! We need more of this b/c hatred will not win. We need more of this b/c prayer enables faith. We need more of this b/c the world is not safe. We need more of this b/c it calms the nerves and spirit with a peace that surpasses all understanding.


Pray for their future. Pray that they live to see old age. Pray that they live to keep the family name, culture, and traditions alive. Pray that they live to live out their wildest dreams. Pray that they see tomorrow. ❤